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George Spillman - Former Washington

Resident’s Top Three Tips for Time


George Spillman moved from Washington to Northern California after a stint in the US Army and started a property development business. He was extremely busy at first, running a new business in an area with plenty of competition, but he eventually created enough time for himself to create new opportunities to grow throughout the region. Spillman has three tips for managing time that have all helped him build his businesses in his adoptive home.

  • Don’t answer the phone just because it’s ringing. Not every call, email, and instant message requires an instant human response. Unless the person on the other line is talking about something crucial to your business, schedule a time to return the call or email later. Your schedule can easily be supplanted by phone calls that can be handled at a later time.
  • Get off Facebook and other social media outlets, unless they are building your business. One of the biggest time-killers is mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. Unless social media marketing is a large part of your advertising effort that needs to be actively monitored, disconnect from it during business hours.
  • Remind yourself that you can’t get everything done. There will invariably be a few items on your schedule every day that you didn’t get to. That’s okay. George Spillman reminded himself every day after moving from Washington to set up his own business that usually twenty percent of your thoughts, actions, and conversations will produce eighty percent of your results.

George Spillman Washington has successfully run companies of all kinds by using the above methods of time management.

George Spillman Washington
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