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George Spillman of Washington - Reasons Why Education Is Valuable

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George Spillman, who is a native of Washington, believes that bringing communities together is crucial if children are to be raised in environments that encourage their development. A focus on education is crucial, which is why he is involved in a number of educational programs that aim to offer children more skills to take forward in adult life. There are many reasons why such programs are beneficial, including the following.

George Spillman Washington

More Career Options

Many young people are not completely sure of what they want to do with their lives once their formal educations are complete, which means they need to have as many options open to them as possible. Poor educations prevent them from gaining access to opportunities that they might otherwise have explored.

Developing Independence

If you have a poor education it is more likely that you will constantly look to others to help you solve problems and deal with the many challenges that life can throw at you. By focusing on developing knowledge, it is possible to equip people with the skills they need to tackle these issues intelligently, allowing them to make wise decisions with everything from money through to how they handle themselves in social situations.


As Washington native George Spillman has found out since becoming a successful business leader, confidence plays a huge role in life. Whether it is your personal or career issues, being able to approach challenges with confidence in your own abilities to resolve them will benefit you enormously. A dedication to developing knowledge can help confidence levels to grow.

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