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George Spillman of Washington - Things You Need To Take For A Hike

George Spillman has always been a fan of the great outdoors and he tries to go on hikes as often as he can. The activity allows people to see new things and get closer to nature, plus it offers a range of fitness benefits, especially if you take on more challenging hikes. However, you should always be prepared before you head out so make sure you bring all of the following on your hikes.

Food and Water

If your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs you are going to find that fatigue starts to become a major factor, especially on longer hikes. Try to pack high-energy food that can be consumed during the walk and always make sure you have enough water to get through the trip. Check your route beforehand to see if there are any places where you might be able to stock up.

A First-Aid Kit

Cuts, scrapes and bruises are easy to come by on a hike, especially if you end up rambling through wooded areas. Make sure you have a first-aid kit that is well-stocked with Band-Aids, disinfectants and other useful items so you can quickly deal with any issues that you might have during the walk.

A Flashlight

You should carry a flashlight with a fresh bulb and spare batteries at all times, as you never know what you might encounter during the hike. If it starts to get darker you will find your ability to navigate become compromised due to landmarks being less defined. A powerful flashlight will mitigate this and ensure you stay on course.

Washington native George Spillman Washington is an avid hiker.

George Spillman Washington
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